Oy Audicon Ab is an audit firm that was established in 1978. It is owned by the APA auditors who are working in the firm. Our services include auditing, other assurance services and consulting. Our experts have wide experience of audit and financial management from local and also global assignments. With our know-how we want to create value and help our customers in financial challenges.
We offer audit and other assurance services in the capital area and also in other parts of Finland. Our office is located in Helsinki.
The main focus of our services is the customer. We want to make sure that our customers’ and their stakeholders are assured that the financial figures are appropriate and the operations linked to financial activities are working properly.
Our actions are guided by the International standards of auditing (ISA), Finnish law that is regulating the auditing operations, good auditing principles and other ethical norms. Our work is supervised by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. By regular training and education, we make sure that we are continuously improving our knowledge of financial issues.
In assurance assignments we report our findings to our customers and that way we want to help our customers to succeed. By sharing the best ways of acting and proposing improvements from external point of view we are able to create more value to customers.
We are using data-analytics in assurance assignments as much as possible which helps us to handle larger amounts of data and to enable wider assurance activities.

Audit services
We are specialized in family owned companies and non-profit organizations. Our customer portfolio includes different size of companies.
Other assurance services
Includes for example audit of projects and other auditor’s statements.

• Reorganization of business
• Business valuation
• Business start-up and closing down
• Change of company form

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Visiting and postal address:
Oy Audicon Ab
Mäkelänkatu 91
00610 Helsinki

Kari Miettinen    
Authorised Public Accountant  
Telefone: +358 50 2130

Jukka Lampila    
Authorised Public Accountant  
Puhelinnumero: +358 50 345 2122

Anton Pokki    
Puhelinnumero: +358 50 563 6235